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Since January I’ve committed myself to a new dance team called the “Hall of Fame”

So many things about this team make the whole experience truly special. We come together from different parts of the dance community; ranging from 909, Barkada Modern, Common Ground, Team Millenia, GRV, and so many more places. The concept that these many would teams would come together to form one team is really something. Personally for me, the fact that I can be apart of something like this is an honor and humbling beyond words.

Because of this team, I’ve met some great people and had the chance to dance with people who I’ve admired for a long time now. I’ve danced in this community since 2007, and that whole time I’ve never been a part of anything outside the Inland Empire and 909. In retrospect to the scene, I always just thought I was just some small time kid from the boonies of the IE, so the feeling is really indescribable to be able to explore different areas and learn from new styles and new people. Something that I really enjoyed is that I was able to show my appreciation and admiration to the dancers on this team that took part in performances that I’ve loved for years. And the fact that they also show they’re appreciation to me on things that 909 has been known for, really means a lot to me as well.

We’ve only danced together for a couple months, but the vibe and the chemistry feels like we’ve been dancing together for years. We bust our asses every Sunday night, but we love it so much to the point where we already start counting down to Sunday night when it’s a Friday night. We all know how hard we work, and we all know how much we love and support each other, but the only thing left that’s missing is the for the rest of the dance community to find that out. That chance will be there, come April 7th at World of Dance Los Angeles.

Hope to see you at the induction ceremony…

With every relationship you may go through along with every person you get the chance to know on a personal level, you learn a lot about yourself in the process. You take a little bit of everything from your experiences. You keep the things that work for you, and take out the things that don’t. But even if you don’t take the things you may not like, you at least know it’s our there. Those things make you smarter, wiser, and sharper. So then by the time someone else may come along that deserves the best, you yourself will also be at your best. 

Tends to happen when you’ve been studying all day

Tends to happen when you’ve been studying all day

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